Coaxial Cabling System

Selection of low-loss and high-performance Coaxial Cabling System from brand.

What is Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cable is a two conductors electrical cable which share a single common axis; a center conductor accompanied by a shield, and the two being kept apart by a dielectric and wrapped in an outer jacket. The signal propagates within the dielectric insulator, while the associated current flow is restricted to adjacent surfaces of the inner and outer conductors. As a result, coaxial cable has very low radiation losses and low susceptibility to external interference.

Why should we need Coaxial Cable?

Nowadays, the transmission of telecom, TV network is increasingly faster. Frequency band becomes wider and wider, while coaxial cable owing to its wide frequency band, low loss, is holding an exclusive position in short-distance transmission. In the past decades, telecom and TV network have make a remarkable progress and satellite televisions are possessed by more and more families. The demand of coaxial cable is correspondingly on the steep rise.

HOSIWELL TECHNOLOGY manufactures various types of coaxial cables. With our manufacturing facility located in Thailand and continual improvements upon our manufacturing processes involving finishing, shielding, jacketing, and outer insulation, we are proud to supply and export persistently high level of coaxial cable products for HDMI, CATV, CCTV, and DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) audio, video, computer networking, and electronic equipments.

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Special cables requirements and Coaxial Cabling System OEM services are also available. Contact us for more info!

HOSIWELL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is an outstanding cable manufacturer. With our manufacturing facility in Thailand, we supply and export persistently high quality cable products and continually improves upon our manufacturing processes. We have gained several patents and international standards in the field through our sincerity and dedicated hard work.