Hosiwell RGB-VGA Cable

Product Name : Hosiwell RGB-VGA Cable

Product Description

Hosiwell RGB-VGA Cable and Accessories for Monitor & Projector Applications

As a premium cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures the Color-coded RGB signal sending cable series product in best quality.

Marking on cable surface: HOSIWELL CABLE RGB 3+4 E125840 - T (UL) TYPE CL2 75°C 3C/28AWG AND 4C/24AWG LL80602 CSA TYPE PCC 3C/28AWG AND 4C/24AWG 75°C EFI


  • For sending red, green, and blue signals through separate coaxes in video applications
  • Gives a sharp, clear display on higher resolution monitors and over longer distances
  • These bundled coaxial cables are color coded for easy identification

RGB-VGA Cable Unique Features & Specifications

Signal Wire

  • Tinned copper wire conductor
  • Gas Injection Foam PE insulation
  • 75 Ohm Coaxial cable

Power wire

  • Tinned copper wire conductor
  • Mini Coaxial Insulation --- Gas Injection Foam PE
  • Tinned copper wire(7/ 0.2) 24 AWG Drain Wire
  • Double Shielded with AL-Foil & Braid
  • Black PVC Jacket
  • UL File No.E125840, CSA File No. LL80602 (UL type CL2 , CL3 and CSA type PCC FT1 Listed)

Hosiwell RGB-VGA Cable



    proimages/Hosiwell_Wire_and_Cables_System/Intelligent_Building_Cables/AWM1-b.jpgproimages/Hosiwell_Wire_and_Cables_System/Intelligent_Building_Cables/75ohm.gif proimages/Hosiwell_Wire_and_Cables_System/Intelligent_Building_Cables/RGB.gif

    Part No. Description Brochure
    RGB3+4 75 Ohm Mini Coaxial x 3 + 4 Conductors (24 AWG.) + 24 AWG. Drain Wire, Double Shielded with AL-Foil & Braid, Black PVC Jacket Download >>