Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord

Product Name : Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord

Product Description

Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord

As a technical Fiber Optics Cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactured a series of Fiber Patch Cords in best quality;

  • Main application: indoor computer networking
  • It applies to outlet and fiber optic patch panels
  • It is also used in optical cross connect distribution center
Specification & Hosiwell Unique Features
  • A short length of tight-buffered cable has optical connectors on both ends
  • The fiber connector type could be FC, SC, ST, LC and MTRJ
  • if no mentioned, it should be PC contact. If APC contact, the part number should suffix "-APC"
  • Flame-resistance UL-1666 (for riser and general building application)
  • Fiber type could be single mode and multimode also simplex and duplex

Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord
  • Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord
  • Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord
  • Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord
  • Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord
  • Hosiwell Fiber Patch Cord


Part No. Description Brochure
40101-LL-Xn ST - ST Simplex Download >>
40102-LL-Xn SC - SC Simplex Download >>
40103-LL-Xn ST - SC Simplex Download >>
40104-LL-Xn ST - FC Simplex Download >>
40105-LL-Xn SC - FC Simplex Download >>
40106-LL-Xn FC - FC Simplex Download >>
40107-LL-Xn LC - ST Simplex Download >>
40108-LL-Xn LC - SC Simplex Download >>
40109-LL-Xn LC - FC Simplex Download >>
40110-LL-Xn LC - LC Simplex Download >>
40111-LL-Xn E2000-E2000 Simplex Download >>
40201-LL-Xn ST - ST Duplex Download >>
40202-LL-Xn SC - SC Duplex Download >>
40203-LL-Xn ST - SC Duplex Download >>
40204-LL-Xn ST - FC Duplex Download >>
40205-LL-Xn SC - FC Duplex Download >>
40206-LL-Xn FC - FC Duplex Download >>
40207-LL-Xn LC - ST Duplex Download >>
40208-LL-Xn LC - SC Duplex Download >>
40209-LL-Xn LC - FC Duplex Download >>
40210-LL-Xn LC - LC Duplex Download >>
40211-LL-Xn MTRJ - ST Duplex Download >>
40212-LL-Xn MTRJ - SC Duplex Download >>
40213-LL-Xn MTRJ - FC Duplex Download >>
40214-LL-Xn MTRJ - LC Duplex Download >>
40215-LL-Xn MTRJ - MTRJ Two Core Download >>