Hosiwell - IPS 鋼絲鎧裝控制電線電纜系列

產品名稱 : Hosiwell - IPS 鋼絲鎧裝控制電線電纜系列


As a premium cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures Cable with multi-conductors galvanized steel wire braided series product in best quality; Marking On The Cable Surface : HOSIWELL CABLE IPS-X.XXXXC SHIELDED CONTROL CABLE ------ E125840 - T (UL) TYPE CL3 105°C 20AWG LL80602 CSA AWM IIA FT1 20AWG 105°C 600V

Hosiwell Product Description  
UL subject 13 type CL2 , CL3
NEC articles 725-38 (b) (1)
105 °C , 300, 600 Volt
Conductor : Fine stranded concetric bare copper
Insulation : 105 °C PVC optional PE, XLPE, PP
Protection : IPC...Copper or IPA...aluminium or IPS...galvanized
steel wire braided
Jacket : Inner PVC jacket plus PVC outer jacket
Application : For process control and instrument in heavy duty
area. Oasses UL type CL2, CL3 vertical tray flame test. Installed
in cable trays, receways, conduit or aerial.

Hosiwell - IPS 鋼絲鎧裝控制電線電纜系列




    Part No. Description Brochure
    IPS050XX 20 AWG, 0.50 sqmm. DCR 34.4 ohm/km Download >>
    IPS075XX 18 AWG, 0.75 sqmm. DCR 21.9 ohm/km Download >>
    IPS100XX 17 AWG, 1.00 sqmm. DCR 17.4 ohm/km Download >>
    IPS150XX 15 AWG, 1.50 sqmm. DCR 10.8 ohm/km Download >>