Hosiwell Type IPS Series

Product Name : Hosiwell Type IPS Series

Product Description

Hosiwell IPS Multi-Conductors Galvanized Steel Wire Braided Cable

As a premium cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures Process Control and Instrument Cable series in best quality.

Marking on cable: HOSIWELL CABLE IPS-X.XXXXC SHIELDED CONTROL CABLE ------ E125840 - T (UL) TYPE CL3 105°C 20AWG LL80602 CSA AWM IIA FT1 20AWG 105°C 600V


  • For process controls and instruments
  • Installed in cable trays, raceways, conduit, or aerial
  • UL type CL2, CL3 vertical tray flame certified

Specifications & Hosiwell Unique Features

  • Conductor: Fine stranded concetric bare copper
  • Insulation: Color or number coded PVC, PE, PP Available multi-conductors with steel wire braided double sheath
  • Protection: Galvanized steel wire braided
  • Jacket : Inner PVC jacket plus PVC outer jacket
  • UL subject 13 type CL2 , CL3
  • Rated temp. 105 °C, rated voltage 600V
  • UL/CSA Certification
  • UL File No. E125840. CSA File No. LL80602 (UL type CL2, CL3, and CSA type AWM FT1 Listed)

Hosiwell Type IPS Series




    Part No. Description Brochure
    IPS050XX 20 AWG, 0.50 sqmm. DCR 34.4 ohm/km Download >>
    IPS075XX 18 AWG, 0.75 sqmm. DCR 21.9 ohm/km Download >>
    IPS100XX 17 AWG, 1.00 sqmm. DCR 17.4 ohm/km Download >>
    IPS150XX 15 AWG, 1.50 sqmm. DCR 10.8 ohm/km Download >>