Hosiwell RS422 Series

Product Name : Hosiwell RS422 Series

Product Description

Hosiwell RS422 PLC Programming Cable

As a premium cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures point-to-point data transmission cable series product in best quality.

Marking on cable surface: HOSIWELL CABLE P/N9422XF E135928 - T (UL) TYPE CM 75°C XPR 24AWG LL80602 CSA TYPE CMG FT4 75°C XPR 24AWG YYYYMM (YearMonth)


  • Point-to-point communications
  • UL vertical CM flame test certified
  • Cable can extend up to 1200ft long; commonly available circuits work at 2.5 Mb/s transfer rate
  • Installed in cable trays, raceways, conduit 

Specifications & Hosiwell Unique Features

  • Low capacitance, foam PE Insulation, pairs cable with overall foil shielded & drain wire
  • 100 Ohms +/-20 % Impedance
  • UL type CM CSA PCC
  • 75°C, 300 Volt

Hosiwell RS422 Series




    Part No. Description Brochure
    P/N9422XF 24 AWG, DCR 87.6 ohm/km Paired Download >>