Hosiwell - IFI 鋁箔個別隔離鋁箔麥拉遮蔽儀表控制線纜系列

產品名稱 : Hosiwell - IFI 鋁箔個別隔離鋁箔麥拉遮蔽儀表控制線纜系列


As a premium cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures Cable for instrument control application series product in best quality; Marking On The Cable Surface : HOSIWELL CABLE IFI- X.XXXXP SHIELDED CONTROL CABLE ..... E125840 - T (UL) TYPE CL3 105°C XXAWG LL80602 CSA AWM IIA FT1 XXAWG 105°C 600

Hosiwell Product Description  
Bare copper conductor .
Color or number coded PVC , PE , PP insulation available . 
Individual shielded each pair and overall shielded with aluminum - mylar tape 100% coverage . 
Tinned copper drain wire (22AWG , 7/0.26) . 
Weatherproof and sunlight resistance PVC jacket . 
Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC jacket-available . 
Rated temp. 105°C (PVC) , 75°C (PP,PE) rated voltage 600V. 
UL File No.: E125840 , CSA File No.: LL80602 . 
( UL type CL2 , CL3 and CSA type AWM FT1 Listed )

Hosiwell - IFI 鋁箔個別隔離鋁箔麥拉遮蔽儀表控制線纜系列




    Part No. Description Brochure
    IFI050XXP 20 AWG, 0.50 sqmm. DCR 34.4 ohm/km Multipairs Download >>
    IFI075XXP 18 AWG, 0.75 sqmm. DCR 21.9 ohm/km Multipairs Download >>
    IFI125XXP 16 AWG, 1.25 sqmm. DCR 13.7 ohm/km Multipairs Download >>