Hosiwell - GYTS鬆管輕鎧裝室外光纖纜線

產品名稱 : Hosiwell - GYTS鬆管輕鎧裝室外光纖纜線


As a technical Fiber Optics Cable manufacturer, Hosiwell also supplier the Stranded Loose Tube Light-armored Cable (GYTS) series product in best quality;

Hosiwell Product Description  
The Fibers, 250μm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a
high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a
water-resistant filling compound. A steel wire, locates in the
center of core as a metallic strength member. Tubes
(and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a
compact and circular cable core. The PSP is longitudinally
applied over the cable core, which is filled with the filling
compound to protect it from water ingress. The cable is
completed with a PE sheath. Application: Duct / Aerial.
Standard : YD/T 901-2001, IEC 60794-1

Hosiwell - GYTS鬆管輕鎧裝室外光纖纜線


    Part No. Description Brochure
    41011-NN-05 Strandard loose tube 50/125 OM2 fiber, Light-armored, PE Jacket Download >>
    41011-NN-06 Strandard loose tube 62.5/125 OM1 fiber, Light-armored, PE Jacket Download >>
    41011-NN-09 Strandard loose tube 9/125 OS1 fiber, Light-armored, PE Jacket Download >>