Hosiwell - 語音回報功能網路測試儀器

產品名稱 : Hosiwell - 語音回報功能網路測試儀器


As a premium network cable & equipment supplier, Hosiwell supplies Networking Cabling Tester product in best quality.

Hosiwell Product Description  
Integrated LED display and sound report, you can get the cable
wiring test result even close your eyes. This is the special for
this tester.

Function Select :
Switch on the power ana the green LED get light. Push and hold
the bottom "MODE/TEST", the test function will cycle and
informed with voice: UTP, FTP, 2 line telephone, 4 line telephone,
USB, BNC. While you hear what you need, release the bottom,
then you can do the test.

Operation Method :
Plug in the cable to "MAIN" port and "LOOPBACK" port. Push
the bottom "MODE/TEST" less than 1 second. If you want to
test the remote point, plug in the cable to "MAIN" port and
"Remote Terminal" port.

Hosiwell - 語音回報功能網路測試儀器
  • Hosiwell - 語音回報功能網路測試儀器
  • Hosiwell - 語音回報功能網路測試儀器


Part No. Description Brochure
21310 Apply for UTP, FTP, TEL-2, TEL-4, USB (A/A) (A/B) and BNC continuity test. Download >>
21311 Multi Network Wiring Detector Download >>