Hosiwell - RJ11/RJ25型資訊插座

產品名稱 : Hosiwell - RJ11/RJ25型資訊插座


As a premium network cable & equipment manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures the RJ11 RJ25 Modular Jack series product in best quality;

Hosiwell Product Description  
RJ11, RJ25 all use six-position modular connectors. RJ11 is a
physical interface, being used for single line POTS telephone
jacks in most homes and offices. RJ25 is for a three line jack.
An RJ11 jack is nearly always a 6P4C jack; two of the six
positions to connect tip and ring, another two positions may
carry low voltage AC or DC power.

Hosiwell - RJ11/RJ25型資訊插座
  • Hosiwell - RJ11/RJ25型資訊插座
  • Hosiwell - RJ11/RJ25型資訊插座


Part No. Description Brochure
20121-WH RJ25 6P6C Vertical Type, IDC terminate Download >>
20126-BK RJ25 6P6C Horizontal Type (tool less termination) Download >>